AY Fashion Teens’ Choice award 2022

About the Award

AY Fashion Teens’ Choice award 2022 covers only Lango Sub region and it intends to motivate and up bring young talents across the region.


The award hails from Alliance Youth Fashions, AY Fashions a community based organisation intending to give the youths a better livelihood through Talent oriented ideologies.

AY Fashions collaborated with the Loyal Bloggers a group of young blogger and influencers to recognize a few iconic persons in Lango in form of a small award.

Award Theme of the year

Rebuilding Lost
Hope for HIV Aids Victims.


The inequalities which perpetuate the AIDS pandemic are not inevitable; we can tackle them.
This year’s World AIDS Day, 1 December, UNAIDS is urging each of us to address the inequalities which are holding back progress in ending AIDS and so as Bloggers under the umbrella of Alliance Youth Fashions, we opened eyes a head to create this awareness awards to help rebuild the hope in all Victims.

The infected can still live a normal life like any other person.
Stop the stigma, “Cimo tok bed ape”.

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