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UNEB Sets Deadline for Student Registration for End-of-Cycle Exams

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has issued a notice to schools across the country regarding the upcoming deadline for registration of students for the end-of-cycle examinations.

The deadline has been set for May 31st and applies to the Primary Leaving Examinations, Uganda Certification of Education, and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education.

Jenipher Kalule, Principle Communication Officer at UNEB, has emphasized that parents will need to pay a surcharge if their children are registered after the official deadline.

Specifically, those who register for PLE after the Wednesday deadline in May will be required to pay a 100% surcharge, while those registering for UCE and UACE will need to pay a 50% surcharge. If candidates are not registered until July, parents will be required to pay 100% surcharges regardless of the level of education.

This announcement by UNEB serves as a reminder for schools and parents to ensure timely registration of students for the upcoming exams.

With the deadline quickly approaching, schools and parents are advised to complete the registration process before May 31st to avoid additional charges.

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