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THE VIDEO: Rocky P’s ‘Bidong’ Teaches Timeless Lessons

Music provides a universal medium through which people can share emotions, intentions, education, and inspiration, even when their spoken languages are mutually incomprehensible.

Promising singer Rocky P, in his latest dancehall video, inspires his fans and the world by conveying the message that nothing lasts forever and emphasizing the importance of sharing and treating people equally, regardless of how little one has. The song also suggests that no matter the wealth we accumulate, we cannot take it with us when we go to heaven.


Released on June 1st, the video promises to be a significant milestone in Rocky P’s career, potentially earning him considerable recognition on YouTube and through public appearances.

Directed by the promising Emmason Arts, the video tells the story of how rich people down look at those who are struggling. It features one of the best dance groups in northern Uganda, the Impacters Dancers, adding an engaging visual element to the production. The audio was produced by Melix Skillz and Coka Pro making it a good dancehall anthem for Bars and Clubs too.

“Bidong” is an educational song written and sung by Rocky P, an emerging artist from Lira City in Northern Uganda. The word “Bidong” means “it will remain,” and the song teaches us to live a better life within our community, reminding us of the uncertainties of the future.


It encourages patience and perseverance among the youth, emphasizing that anything is possible without resorting to actions that could ultimately destroy one’s life. This brief description highlights the song’s valuable lessons, making it worth listening and watching to.

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