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Okeng Born Town Announces Dates For ‘Amuru Tour’

Northern Uganda`s popular artist Okeng Born Town has announced a new tour, the ‘Amuru Tour’, which will see him perform in several locations throughout the region.

The talented musician took to his social media accounts to reveal the dates and locations of the upcoming shows to his legion of followers.

According to the tour calendar, Okeng will be performing in various areas including Apac, Masindi, and other locations from 6th March to 14th March 2023.

This will undoubtedly be a thrilling experience for fans of Okeng`s unique sound, as he is known to deliver energetic performances that leave audiences wanting more.

As one of the most highly booked artists from the Northern Region, Okeng Born Town’s schedule is always busy, but he never disappoints when it comes to bringing his music to the masses.

Okeng Posted On Facebook

Back from school #AMURUtour Time Table out Now.

06/05/2023 Kiyatiri Masindi

07/05/2023 Nebi Town

08/05/2023 Panyemur Pakwach

10/05/2023 Kungu Abudama

12/05/2023 APAC Town

13/05/2023 Kabera Mido Town

14/05/2023 Bangala Landing side Amolatar District.

See you there In Jesus Name Amen 🔥🔥#AMURUtour2023.

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