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New Year’s Eve 2023: Police Issue Caution Amidst Festivities

As the year 2023 draws to a close and anticipation for 2024 rises, the public is gearing up for celebrations. However, law enforcement is urging citizens to remain vigilant and security-conscious during this period.

SP Jimmy Patrick Okema the North Kyoga PRO emphasizes the need for heightened security in entertainment venues and religious gatherings conducting overnight prayers. Cooperation with territorial police commanders is encouraged to ensure a safe environment.

Fireworks Guidelines:

Locations approved for fireworks displays must strictly adhere to safety guidelines to avoid disruptions. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) emphasizes responsible conduct during celebrations.

Prohibited Activities:

1. Burning of Christmas trees and tires in public places is strictly prohibited, with consequences for violators.
2. Celebration shots by security personnel are forbidden.
3. Drunk and reckless driving is discouraged, as the operations team will be monitoring closely.
4. Homes should not be left unattended, especially with young ones, to prevent potential harm.

The police assure the public of their preparedness with covert and overt deployments, utilizing foot and motorized operations. The CCTV camera and emergency call center (999 or 112) will operate 24/7 to address concerns promptly.

SP Okema emphasizes collective responsibility for personal safety, stating, “Together we can fight and secure the areas we live in.”


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