Fireworks Over Lira City On Christmas.

Police Confirms Approval for Fireworks Display on Christmas Day in Lira City.

SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the spokesperson for the Police in North Kyoga Subregion, has officially confirmed the approval of a fireworks display during Christmas celebrations on December 25, 2023. This comes in response to a request made by Managing Director Quality Lighting Uganda on behalf of A-Z Hotel management.

The Inspector General of Police has granted permission with specific guidelines to ensure public safety:
1. The fireworks display is limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.
2. Publicize the event within the community.
3. Implement and maintain effective crowd control measures.
4. Regularly monitor weather conditions and crowd density for safety.
5. Strictly comply with police directives and guidance.
6. Any unused fireworks materials must be returned to Counter Terrorism for safe custody.
7. Ensure proper handling, repackaging, and securing of all unused live products and fireworks materials according to police guidelines.
8. Conduct a confirmatory site search to ensure no residual explosive materials are left post-display.

The Police now call for the cooperation of A-Z Hotel management in adhering to these guidelines, emphasizing that the area Police Commander will supervise the entire process to ensure a safe and well-managed event.

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