THE VIDEO: Cultural Depth, ‘Joo Tube’ Video Captures Spirit of Lango Tradition

What strikes you immediately in this video is the authentic, local backdrop that perfectly complements the song’s lyrics. There’s a hopeful anticipation that Profesa Maros, a prominent musician from the Lango sub-region, will appreciate this video foloowing an interview with him.

In the interview, Maros acknowledges encountering people from various walks of life, criticizing videos from the north for relying on green screens, ultimately failing to capture the essence of their stories in their lyrics and visuals.

In “Joo Tube” music video, director Oglarius also the manager of Infinity Gengz, revives nostalgic memories of old-time love setups. They highlight the significance of bicycles as a symbol of wealth in Lango during that era, symbolizing the ability to attract attention and admiration from women in society. Furthermore, Oglarius portrays the tradition of men gathering at drinking points to discuss family matters over local brews like Umkomboti, adding depth to the video’s narrative.


Filmed in Apac district, the video showcases the scenic beauty of Got Ibuje, a tourism site in Lango, featuring the footprint mark of Olum. Regrettably, this site remains undeveloped.

Additionally, keen observers might notice the absence of scenes featuring both Fullset and Gadkeys together. Was this intentional? If so, what message does it convey? Perhaps this deliberate separation reflects could also mean that the video was shot on different days when one is away.


The song’s message of resolving family conflicts without resorting to violence is conveyed skillfully by producer Game through traditional beats, which are likely to resonate strongly with married couples. Despite modest budgets disguised as simplicity, the characters instill the video with a sense of magnanimity, instilling it with their unique personalities and charm.

The video’s beauty lies in its portrayal of traditional settings, offering a glimpse into the cultural heritage of the region. This truth is sure that the video captivate and inspire traditional enthusiasts, celebrating the richness of Lango’s heritage on screen.

This Based on Editors (bhendril) point of view.

Watch the video below

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