Awio Scrap Dealer, Lil Square Odonyo into 3 Years Agreement.

Renowned businessman Mr. Awio Isaac Jackson, widely known as “Awio Scrap Dealer,” for the mode of his business has officially joined forces with Apa Tang Music empire CEO, Mr. Ogwang Walter, professionally known as Lil Square.

The two sealed the deal on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, entering into a musical partnership that spans three years, with the option to extend further.

The signing ceremony marked a significant moment for both Awio and Lil Square, as they expressed their shared eagerness for the partnership.

Mr. Awio openly admitted to being a long-time admirer of Lil Square’s musical competence. He emphasized his desire to combine their efforts is to create a powerful impact on the Northern Music industry, showcasing the potential that arises from their alliance.

In his comments, Awio called for dedication and diligence from Lil Square, particularly highlighting their joint objective to drive Lil Square’s artistry to new heights in the East African music scene and beyond. The visionary entrepreneur expressed confidence in Lil Square’s talent and pledged his full support to facilitate the artist’s growth and recognition.

Lil Square, the mastermind behind hits like “Idonyo,” shared his excitement about the alliance, recognizing the massive potential it holds for his musical journey.

With a new manager in his corner, Square is self-assured to achieve remarkable strides in his musical career. He extended his gratitude to Awio for the opportunity and encouraged fellow musicians to remain committed to their craft. Lil Square urged his peers to strive for excellence, acknowledging the existence of business figures like Awio who are eager to champion local talents.

The partnership agreement involves a range of responsibilities that Awio will take charge of on behalf of Lil Square. This includes overseeing music production, video production, music promotions, and event management. As part of the arrangement, promoters are directed to liaise directly with Awio for any collaborations or events in these three years. Following this initial period, both parties intend to resume on further terms and conditions, based on the evolving dynamics of the music industry.

Lil Square’s chart-topping tracks, such as “iLibo Ft Projector Scissor,” “Idonyo,” “Coo Olane Bor Ft Professor Maros,” “Boss,” and “Ping Oride Ft Big josh Akalimity,” have firmly established his presence as a dominant force in the Northern music scene.



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