Acoka Pro Discourages the Act of Stealing Songs from Recording Studios.

In a bid to foster a positive atmosphere within the Northern Ugandan music scene, Acoka Pro of Snai Records in Lira City is calling upon musicians to appreciate and acknowledge the crucial role played by their producers. He noted that most of the northern artists are never grateful to their producers and some steal their songs from recording studios after failing to pay the producers.

The call for appreciation gains prominence as Fik Fameica, the renowned Ugandan rapper, publicly expresses heartfelt gratitude towards producer Artin Pro. Fameica acknowledges Artin Pro’s significant influence on his musical journey, dating back 8 years when he embarked on his professional career.

During an interview, Fik Fameica emphasized Artin Pro’s pivotal role, stating, “Artin Pro doesn’t need an introduction. He has produced almost 60% of my biggest songs. When I met Artin, I discovered him, and he helped me discover myself.” Fameica further highlighted the unwavering trust and comfort he finds in Artin Pro, particularly in the final mastering stages of his songs.

However, Acoka Pro laments the contrasting scenario in Northern Uganda, where artists often fail to show appreciation to their producers. Acoka Pro expresses concern that many Northern artists don’t return to thank their producers, some opting to steal their projects and moving between studios without acknowledging the guidance and efforts invested by the producers.

“Most of the Northern artists will not appreciate their producers as Artin appreciates Artin,” Acoka Pro asserts, shedding light on the need for a cultural shift within the region’s music industry.


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